New iPhone XS Max Moshi Altra Slim Case with Hand Strap Review

I am not a person who cares about having the latest gadgets but it was time to replace my old iPhone 6 Plus. I love photography. When I travel I am especially inspired to take a lot of photos. I also need photos for my blog posts. Carrying a heavy DSLR is not always practical. My old iPhone 6 plus wasn’t cutting it anymore.

My husband and I were anxiously awaiting the release of the new iPhone XS and XS Max. Our trip to Europe was coming up and we desperately wanted to have new phones to take with us on the trip. I really didn’t want to lug around a heavy camera all day long.

After reading some helpful tips online on how to get the new iPhones as quickly as possible we prepared by checking out the Apple Store app. We got up in the middle of the night at 3am EST and pre-ordered our new phones the moment it was possible. We were happy to learn that the phones would arrive a couple of days before our trip.

We also ordered Apple silicone phone cases. Time was of the essence. There was no way we would use our phones without cases.

While waiting for the phones and cases I kept researching cases for the iPhone XS Max. I needed a case with a hand strap because I didn’t want to worry about my new phone falling into a lake or somebody grabbing it out of my hand while traveling.

I looked at a lot of cases on Amazon but there were barely any cases for the iPhone XS and XS Max especially with a strap or lanyard.

Luckily I came across the Moshi Altra Slim Hardshell Case With Strap for iPhone XS Max. It looked exactly like what I envisioned! I immediately ordered the case from their online store even though I’ve never heard of Moshi before. Out of four colors I chose Blossom Pink.

While I was waiting for the Moshi Altra case I got the Apple silicone case for my iPhone XS Max. It looked so cheap and flimsy that I didn’t even bother to take it out of it’s packaging. I decided to return it if the Moshi case got to me on time.

The Moshi case was delivered today and I love it! Blossom Pink is a nice subdued and sophisticated color. As an artist I can’t help but admire the beauty and craftsmanship of things. When something is esthetically pleasing it brings me a lot of joy! On top of that the case is practical and functional. What else can one ask for?

I like the textured surface as I don’t feel like my new expensive phone is going to slip out of my hands. The textured surface also provides added visual interest to the case. The wrist strap is removable. I absolutely need it for my traveling but I might remove it for everyday activities. I also find it quite useful that the ring is attached to the case while the strap itself is removable. If I am not happy with the provided strap I might replace it with a different one.

Here are some pics of Altra case.


Wonderful removable hand strap.


I immediately attached the strap. It feels secure.


The buttons work.


I went to my studio to test the camera on my iPone XS Max and take pics of the Moshi Altra case with some of my paintings. The case seems to go great with my still life painting “ Tea and Chocolate Cake”


Closeup of the case. The camera captures well the textures of the case and the canvas.


Another shot with my “Tea and Chocolate Cake” painting

I enjoyed taking photos with the iPhone XS Max and it was fun to see which of my paintings go well with the Altra case! Here are some of my oil on canvas paintings next to the case:


Altra and “Tropical Drink” painting


Altra and “Lunch in St. Remy”

Here are some additional shots of the Moshi Slim Hardshell Altra case with my abstract paintings in the background:


Textures, textures, textures…


Altra looks great against the dark background as well which is one of my latest abstracts in blue.

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UPDATE: I just returned from my trip to Europe. I’ve taken so many photos with my new iPhone! I never had to be too careful with it thanks to the strap and the textured surface of the Moshi Altra case. The case is as great as I thought it would be.