About me

I was born in Russia and currently live and work in Hoboken, New Jersey in the United States.

I became interested in art in early childhood, looking through my parents' art magazines which had beautiful reproductions of Leonardo da Vinci, Diego Velazquez, Francisco Goya, Alexander Brullov, Valentin Serov and artists alike.

Throughout my life I painted in watercolor and acrylics until I began studying at the National Academy School of Fine Arts, and the Art Students League of New York where I discovered oil painting and it became my preferred medium.

I find inspiration and beauty in diverse subject matter and I'm drawn to exploration of color, shapes, line, and compositional organization whether I am painting in abstract or more realistic style.


For more information, to request higher resolution photographs of paintings, or to commission a painting, please send me an email or submit the form below. Here is a link to my CV.

Thank You!